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Definitely in the Fall. While most people seed in the Spring, your seeds need more time to establish themselves without having to fight through the hot Summer. So a Fall seeding gets them started in the healthiest way possible. Keep in mind, it takes about two years for your seeds to mature. 

Just like seeding, aeration should be handled in the Fall months. 

We have a six-treatment plan.

I think you’ll find our rate to be incredibly affordable. In addition to providing some of the lowest costs for a professional service, we add lots of extra value. For example, we don’t charge for double cuts (extra cuts due to faster- or thicker-than-expected grass growth). Contact us…you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We are used to working with every type of lawn treatment, from organics to chemicals. In every case, we use only the safest amounts for your lawn and those who use it. Most important, we don’t force you to use any particular product. We let you decide the type and brand of treatment that’s right for you.


No pressure. No obligations. Just an honest chat (or back and forth) about your lawn care needs and a fair price.

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